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         Featured below are several of the bulls, females, frozen embryos and semen that we presently have for sale. We have additional animals here at the ranch that can also be purchased so if you donít see exactly what you need please feel free to contact us. Also, keep in mind the Weimer Cattle Company Interest Free Time Payment Plan to all qualified buyers. Please give us a call for more details. Many of the calves in our 2013 calf crop will be sold on a first come/first served basis throughout the summer and fall months. They are sired by Bismarck, Maxium, 719T, MR Hereford and Role Model. Additional information available upon request.

TCW MR Throttle 11X 311Z
MR Hereford X Full Throttle

     TCW MR Throttle 11X  311Z:  MR Throttle is a May 2, 2012 son of the extremely popular TH 71U 719T MR Hereford 11X. His dam, TCW Call Girl 204N 807U, is our highest producing TCW Full Throttle 8E 204N daughter. He is dark red and conservatively marked with 100% red eye pigmentation. Outstanding phenotype and a ton of eye appeal. He is structurally sound and correct on his feet and legs. When you add his genetic profile to the mix you have a true, real world Herd Bull prospect. BW: 2.8  WW: 64  YW: 93  MM: 22. MR Throttle began his life with an 82 pound birth weight that produced a birth weight ratio in our herd of 96. He followed that with a weaning weight of 832 pounds to ratio 120. These stats are the kind we like to find in the herd bulls that we use here at WCC. MR Throttle will be a member of our 2013/14 show string.    
   We are selling a Ĺ interest and full possession with possession to begin immediately after his show career is over. Please contact us for more pictures and additional information

     KF TCW Wells Fargo 18U 6Z:  Wells Fargo is a March 6, 2012 son of the breed leading Canadian bred sire, Golden-Oak Outcross 18U. His dam, KF Fancy Lady 7R, is a daughter of OíReilly 23C Arrow 823H (Devo son) who in turn is out of a Hardbound daughter. Truly a high performing, power loaded pedigree. His 79 pound birth weight, 846 pound weaning weight and 1390 pound yearling weight reflects the growth and performance potential that Wells Fargo can bring to a breeding program. Fargo, as he is called around here, is stout and structurally sound in every way. He is conservatively marked, long spined, up-headed and extremely smooth throughout the front 1/3rd of his body. When you consider pedigree, real world EPDís and eye appealing phenotype, Wells Fargo is like ďmoney in the bank.Ē   BW: 4.2  WW: 54  YW: 89  MM: 18. Look for Fargo as a powerful, highly competitive member of our 2013/14 show string. Owned with Bill & Lisa Forester, Redmond, OR. We are selling a Ĺ interest and full possession. Possession to begin immediately after his show career is over. Additional information and photos available.

KF TCW Wells Fargo 18U 6Z

TCW Bismarck 243R 309Z
     TCW Bismarck 243R 309Z;  Bismarck 309Z is an April 1, 2012 son of TH SHR 605 57G Bismarck 243R ET. His dam, TCW Lassen Lass 412R 818U is a beautifully uddered, heavy milking daughter of our breed improving carcass sire, TCW Red Obsidian M326 412R. 309Z is one of the deepest ribbed bulls that we have produced here at WCC. He is moderate framed, dark red, conservatively marked and totally correct on his feet and legs. Bismarck 309Z is a great combination of pedigree, eye appeal and maternal traits on his sireís side of his pedigree and outstanding maternal and carcass traits on his damís side. A totally performance and maternal pack pedigree.  BW: 4.7  WW: 60  YW: 101  MM: 19. We are selling a full interest and full possession in Bismarck 309Z with possession to begin immediately upon purchase.

TCW Heifers for Sale
     TCW Smooth As Silk 23C 303Z:  Smooth As Silk is a March 11, 2002 daughter of the calving ease and maternal giant, JSF 37 271 Devo 23C. Her dam is a daughter of Colyerís C Moler 7093 who in turn is out of a C Game Plan 4132 bred female. This heifer is not only competitive in the show ring but more importantly she has brood cow written all over her. She started life with an 85 pound birth weight and weighed 873 pounds at 7 months of age. Silk is conservatively marked, long bodied, correct on her feet and legs and extremely eye appealing. She has a world of capacity, volume and substance tied up in a show ring, eye appealing package. Big league, front pasture brood cow prospect. Her genetic profile is equally as impressive.  BW: 3.4  WW: 52  YW: 84  MM: 25. This heifer will be hard to part with. Selling a full interest and full possession. Sells with three straws of semen on TCW Role Model 28M 208Y.   

TCW Smooth As Silk 23C 303Z

TCW Corinís Lace 243R 314Z: Corinís Lace is a May 8, 2012 daughter of TH SHR 605 57G Bismarck 243R ET and out of a beautifully uddered first calf About Time female, TCW Corinís Lace 117X. Lace has a ton of natural thickness down her topline and enough volume and capacity to become a really top end brood cow. She might be the most attractive side profiled female that we have ever offered for sale. She had an 81 pound birth weight followed by a 719 pound weaning weight. Long spined, exceptionally smooth shouldered, long necked and up-headed. Completely sound on her feet and legs. Should be highly competitive in the show ring before becoming a donor quality brood cow. Lace has an equally impressive genetic profile to complete her package.  BW: 4.8  WW: 60  YW: 97  MM: 22. Selling a full interest and full possession.

Embryos:  TH SHR 605 57G Bismarck 243R ET X TCW Sweet Dreams 609S. This mating speaks for itself. Bismarck is one of the most popular bulls in the breed right now. Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, ID recently purchased an interest in Bismarck. Our Sweet Dreams 609S cow is a true power cow that never misses. Beautifully uddered, heavy milk flow brood cow. She is the dam of TCW Role Model 28M 208Y and a full sib to these embryos, TCW Sweet Dreams 243R 307Z. This heifer can be seen on our Current Calves page on this web site. Projected EPDís are  BW: 2.9  WW: 52  YW: 91  MM: 21. Three embryos per straw X $400.00.
TCW Role Model 28M 208Y:   2012 Western Nugget National Grand Champion Bull and Supreme Champion Bull Over All Other Breeds at the 2012 California State Fair. Semen: $30.00/straw with 10 straw minimum.    

Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M: 10 straws @ $45.00/straw. No certs required to register calves.

TH 122 711 Victor 719T: 10 straws @ $30.00/straw.    
TCW Full Throttle 8N 204N: $15.00/straw. Certs/ $60.00 as needed. 

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